What our customers write about us

We appreciate all your help and always being there for us if we need help. You are the most caring and helpful insurance agent we have ever had.

Rose & Ken

I do not have words to express how grateful I am for Elaine's concern, knowledge and expertise helping me in the difficult process of changing my insurance plans. Her kindness, patience and support are invaluable. I could not have found a better guide to lead me with such knowledge and wisdom in my health plans. I am forever thankful to Elaine and as I always say: Elaine, you are the best!


My wife and I would like to share our excellent experience working with Elaine who helped us through our Medicare enrollment, making what seemed like a confusing process to simplified steps catered to our physical and medical needs. Elaine exhibited professionalism and detailed information of the various Medicare plans, offered suggestions based on our specific needs. She researched our doctors to check if they are on the network; and also researched for best drug plan. Elaine has been very pleasant to talk to, responds to our questions, very helpful and patient to make sure we understood the process and make sure we arrive at an appropriate decision.

Ike & Marian 

Necessity to enroll in Medicare led us to feeling entirely lost. There were so many choices, and we were not sure which of them is the best for us. Then we met Elaine Wong Eakin. Patiently, displaying incredible knowledge and professionalism, she guided us through the entire process of introduction, explanations and enrolling in UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plan. Great Service! Actually, correct word is Great Care! After the enrollment process, she continued to keep in touch with us, answering all our questions, providing additional informational resources, and giving us professional recommendations. We highly recommend Elaine Wong Eakin and her Health Insurance Services!

Andrean & Eugeniya

Thank you, Elaine, for going the extra mile!


"I want you to know that I do appreciate you so very much and that you are the best and nicest person I have ever worked with."


We are so glad that we went to one of the Medicare meetings and met Elaine. At that time, we had a Medicare Advantage that worked well so we just attended the meeting to see more options. We actually decided not to make changes at that time.

However, when we stepped into middle of March and found the plan’s networks didn’t work out for us, we decided to do last minute switching of Medicare Advantage plans. We called Elaine and she stepped in and helped us make changes at the last minute. Elaine met with us the next day and found us a good plan. Also spent time explaining all the details. Walked us through the whole process. Took a lot of stress away from us. Also, we felt she held our hands throughout the processes plus followed through all the details. We just want to express our appreciation and for helping all the seniors who need help.

Paulette & Raymond